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Erdwelle Plasma Modules

Our Fight Against COVID-19 & other

Harmful Micro Organisms

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PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST Viruses, Bacteria and Fungus By Electromagnetic Field and Oxygen Plasma

As health consciousness grows in living regions, particularly in hospitals, a convenient and economical method of purification is necessary. Nowadays with the development of technology, electronic air purification systems are widely used to reduce the impact of bioaerosols. According to many studies, air purification devices are effective at killing bacteria and fungi. In order to comprehend how air purification systems work, we should consider the chemical processes involved. The inhaled air contains microbes, dust, and other positively charged particles. These devices release nano-plasma, an ionic form of oxygen that neutralizes the positively charged molecules, causing them to fall to the ground. As a result of these procedures, microorganisms and particles that adversely affect our health are prevented from entering our lungs.

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Our Patented Technologies

Active Oxygen Generator - Oxygen Flux - Plasma Module (COVID-19 Destroyer)
High Capacity and efficiency Odor, VOC & Air Emissions Eliminator
Water Disinfecting System for Food & Pharmaceutical Industries
Industrial Medical Waste Management Machines
Industrial Dryers for Food & Pharmaceutical Industries
Project Based Costumed Designed Electronic Devices

For a limited time, we are granting licenses for manufacturing our products  in different parts of the Globe. If you are an investor or business interested in partnering up with Erdwelle Technologies, please contact us through our contact form.


This Device is Designed for Very High Capacity Purposes!
Eliminate large amount of Viruses, Bacteria and Funguses up to 1000 Metric Cube of Air in Every 3 Min

Erdwelle Plasma Modules Has Been Tested By Prominent German Institutes For Safety and Efficiency

  • Our Plasma Flux device blows ambient air into the device and, as it leaves, it is treated with a powerful disinfectant - (Oxygen ions). During its operation, oxygen atoms combine with greenhouse gases and destroy them.

  • Approximately 85% of the microorganisms in the environment can be reduced within 3 minutes

    • and 99.99% within 10 minutes of using this product.

  • Also, no toxic gases would be released into the atmosphere during this process.

Harmful Microorganisms are oxidized and destroyed without filters or chemicals

The Erdwelle Plasma Module was developed by Erdwelle Technologies, Inc. to combat viruses, such as the Corona Virus. Patented globally, the technology has been tested in a world-class laboratory in Germany and is certified to meet European Union health, safety, and environmental standards.

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Erdwelle Plasma Modules Wipes Out the Infectious Microorganisms in Minutes :

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1. Viruses including:

• Rhinovirus (Common cold),

• Streptococcus (Strep Throat),

• Influenza (Flu)

• COVID-19

2. Bacteria including:

• Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA),

• Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph),

• E.Coli,

• Listeria

3. Mold

4. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, gases

Erdwelle Plasma Modules is the Safe Solution:

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 • The gas test performed on our device indicates that the ozone emission is below 0.025 ppm (the FDA standard is 0.5 ppm) in comparison to the accumulated ozone produced by the UV light at 30 ppm.

• We are able to calibrate our device to work with large volumes of air flow inside of air ducts.

• Upon installation, our device will start disinfecting the air and surfaces and keep on doing so for an annual period.

• It is durable, reliable and cost effective.

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